Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Friendship Swap Box - sponsored by Windypoplars

LOOK AT THIS!  My fall friend, Barbie, sent me a 'little touch' of fall for almost every room of my home!  I love it all - THANK YOU BARBIE!  May God Bless you and yours this Autumn!


I love it all - but I especially like the Faith Banner and the fun socks - complete with 'candy corn'!  The autumn platter is beautiful and full of all the deep colors I enjoy this time of year!!  This was great fun - thanks again!  bobbi


bobbi said...

If any of you folks can tell this inexperienced blogger how to link and how to 'thumbnail' over at the Windypoplar site I would be very grateful!! bobbi

Aliesha & Tad said...

To link up, click here:
Then click "click here to enter"
Paste the direct link to your post (find that by clicking the title of your post)
Type in the title
Then click "from web"
Select the picture you want and click it
Click crop
Done! Easier than it sounds. :)

BARBIE said...

Bobbi, I am so thankful you loved your Fall surprise box! I just knew you would love those candy corn socks. I will be linking up my Fall Friendship surprise from you soon! Have a blessed week!

bobbi said...

Thanks you Aliesha! I am going to try right now!

bobbi said...


Kristin said...

Bobbi, thanks so much for sharing the wonderful goodies you received for your Fall Swap! I'm so glad you had a fun time participating!