Thursday, August 4, 2011


Don't you LOVE summer fruits?   Peaches, and I mean GOOD peaches, are my favorite fruit!  This time of year, I carry them with me just about every place I go . . .One of my favorite 'healthy' ways to fix peaches is this:

Whole grain toast
Egg with a little milk beat in
cinnamon (I am a cinnamon snob and ONLY use Chinese cinnamon!)
large fresh peach

So, I make some 'french toast' by dipping my wg toast in the egg, milk, cin and vanilla.  I cook it on the griddle till golden brown.  Meanwhile, I am microwaving the peach (sliced and more cinnamon) for about 90 seconds.  I top the toast with the warm peach and I have a WONDERFUL healthy breakfast that stays with me all morning!

OK - let's hear how you guys are using the WONDERFUL SUMMER FRUITS!  AND, Bray and Hay love it on Sunday mornings . . .they call it "Grammy's Surprise Toast"!


Aliesha said...

Peaches are my FAVORITE fruit! But I'm picky about them... they have to be sweet and delicious and not at all mealy. Wishing we had an orchard nearby!

Angela said...

I love peaches too! I want to go pick some at Carter Mountain Orchard (where we pick our apples) before they are all gone! I'll have to try your "surprise toast" recipe. I bet Drew would love it!